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Welcome To Ward Inc.


We Help small to mid-size business owners who don't have time to handle the day-to-day HR tasks or the vast amount of employee relations and HR compliance issues that are ever-changing.


As your HR Consultant firm, We can ease the burden and handle your HR functions. Your business will benefit from my expertise and experience on an as-needed basis so you don't have to pay an annual salary to someone you may only need once in a while.



Here are some of the ways We will bring value to your company

  • Advise management on the administration of human resources policies and procedures.

  • Analyze your company’s current HR programs and recommend solutions.

  • Develop, revise, and implement HR policies and procedures.

  • Ensure your HR programs and services are in compliance with established policies and procedures and state/federal laws and regulations.

  • Assist with Recruiting and retention.

  • Conduct an audit of HR activities to ensure compliance.

  • Assist with legal matters, including dismissals, disciplinary, and grievance procedures.

  • Keep you up to date on legislation that impacts your employment practices.